Friday, May 13, 2011

Wish List

Also known as the things I would buy if I had all the moneys ever. Sorrryyyy if you were eagerly awaiting more outfit posts, I have been focusing on school work a lot lately, and I don't know what Tess is doin'. Probably something important.
So, why am I doing this? Basically, the way I procrastinate is online shopping and sometimes I keep pictures of things I would like to have or think are pretty. So, uh. Now procrastinating by posting the things I have found....while procrastinating.

What I have most pictures of are dresses:

from Asos
I generally like anything that has hearts on it. Yeah.

from Asos (not on the website anymore but I like it so much I put it up)
Don't usually like orange, and paired with blue it's Illini colors but I love the pattern and the shape of dress one a lot.
More hearts! Also pockets? Cool.

I don't know why I like this, honestly. I think the pattern is cool though I don't know how it would look in real life. HM W/eeeee

Then there's these two shirts that are unlike basically everything I own:

I loooove the lacy top on this. Basically the reason I haven't bought it (other than the fact of not having money) is that I don't know if I could pull that off very well.

Such a pretty color. And a cute little bow!

Then some tights/shoes:
from Modcloth (also available in black brown and grey)
Something else I really like: Peacocks!

More orange and blue -- a combination I used to hate but now see some merit in. Also, Charlotte Russe's shoes that aren't gigantic scary heels are actually pretty great? Who knew?
from Alloy
Not a website I look at regularly, but I picked a catalog up randomly in the mail room and liked their shoes a lot. These just kinda stood out: nice, simple and pretty sandals.

Yep! That's it for now! What do y'all think, are they all dumb?
Maybe someday soon there will be some more outfits. Who knows!

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