Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Better at Napping than Blogging




I look like a flamingo in that last one but I'm pretty sure its the best of the 15 photos I took.

I actually wore this the other day but didn't take pictures of it then because it was really cold...and I was lazy because it was Friday and I just wanted a nap. Also I've got a cold and it was being really mean to me that day. Wah wah. 

So yeah. Jewel tones? This skirt is actually too big? Almost everything I'm wearing is from a different place? My boots are just snowboots because my one other pair are too fancy for school also it was snowy? Uptalking? Linguisticssssssss. Ok well. I hope you enjoyed me talking to myself again. 'Til next time. Which will probably be more than a week from now because it is duh duh duhhhhh finals week. 

Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Walmart
Skirt & Belt: Thrifted
Tights: I'm just going to assume Target
Boots: Cabela's

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I really can't stay...

Ahhh! Because of the title of Tess' last post, I had "Baby It's Cold Outside" in my head the whole time I was taking these pictures.


Oooh a coat:

This outfit kind of came about in a dumb way. After I woke up today I was lookin' at all the blogs I follow and while looking at Anomalous Allure's predominantly Old Navy outfit (as so many of mine are) I thought "ooh, I would like to have that skirt" only to realize a second later that I'm pretty sure I do have that skirt --or at least a very similar one -- in two colors. So yeah, now you know. You're welcome. Happy St. Nicholas' Day. I need a haircut. 

Coat, Sweater, Skirt and Shirt (you can kind of see it in the last picture): Old Navy
Tights: Target (?)
Scarf: Gift (???)
Shoes: Kohl's

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby it's moderately chilly outside

Looking at the pictures I took, I look pretty silly and not very fashiony, but OH WELL
At least I'm posting (I guess)..

I like the gray and brown combo. Because who thinks of that! No one because it doesn't match. Hahahhhhhh
Sweater: thrifted and then gifted (J Crew)
Tshirt: forevs21s
Tights: Christmas Gifted
Boots: Thrifted via Ragstock.
Accessories from Afterthoughts? Claires? They had a sale and I bought earrings and NOSE RINGS. That's right. I'm bringing it back. And a headband and clip because I think I left those things at home.