Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I really can't stay...

Ahhh! Because of the title of Tess' last post, I had "Baby It's Cold Outside" in my head the whole time I was taking these pictures.


Oooh a coat:

This outfit kind of came about in a dumb way. After I woke up today I was lookin' at all the blogs I follow and while looking at Anomalous Allure's predominantly Old Navy outfit (as so many of mine are) I thought "ooh, I would like to have that skirt" only to realize a second later that I'm pretty sure I do have that skirt --or at least a very similar one -- in two colors. So yeah, now you know. You're welcome. Happy St. Nicholas' Day. I need a haircut. 

Coat, Sweater, Skirt and Shirt (you can kind of see it in the last picture): Old Navy
Tights: Target (?)
Scarf: Gift (???)
Shoes: Kohl's

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