Sunday, March 3, 2013

Korean Airport Style

I am not making good use of my being allowed to write on this blog, but I've been meaning to post about our  layover at the fanciest airport I've ever seen. Sort of.

First stop! The food court! But seriously, there were like multiples of some of these stores. And look how shiny the floor is!

It's Crystals!

Actually, I was totally too scared to go into any of these places. But I did try to explain why Prada was the best (as per my knowledge of Vogue Ads in the late 1990s).

In cooler styles, here were some kids waiting to go home to China and acting a fool. Later the girl stole Errol's scarf, and then some boys played bumpercars with luggage carts.

The coolest guys in the whole place....

Later, a theses on extraneous lace in Chinese fashion and totally weird looking mannequins.

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