Monday, April 18, 2011

Boringggg Bloggggg

I am posting today because I haven't in a while, and Tess says I should.
Butttttt I don't think this is all that exciting. Too many of my clothes are from the Old Naves.
Wow I am bad at blogging. Also I'm still trying to figure out a good way to use the camera timer! Also my camera was running out of batteries. Soooooo many struggleeeessss.

p.s. the awkwardness of the picture above is a failed attempt at getting my shoes in a picture.

Pluses to this post are better views of haircut and some big earrings:

Shirt, pants and sweater: Old Navy
Earrings: Forever 21
Shoes: Target

p.s. comment!!! tell me how bad this is or tell me about the weather or anything


  1. It's cold as eff! Also you are so cute, I love how sparkly they are! And your haircut is awesome and that cardigan looks super comfy.

  2. Not boring at all! And I love the earrings! We'll have to work on the not-from-Old-Naves this summer...hahaha. It's nice to have goals.