Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to School Blues/Wish List

So, this week I'm going to be starting my last semester of college, and because of that I'm kind of thinking that I won't be in the mood to take pictures of myself any time soon. Maybe I'll try by the end of the week, but I really don't know what the weeks going to be like. I guess we'll see. 

So I thought, instead of an outfit post to start this week off, I'd make a list of things I like or things I'd like to have if I had an unlimited supply of money & didn't have to pay rent/bills.

Here's some skirts that are pretty!

From Modcloth

From Ruche

And some dresses too. I really love the second one.

 Also from Forever 21
From Old Navy
That shirt has a cat print! Perfect!!

I am really liking colorful skinny jeans lately and Asos Curve has really cool colors of them.

 From Old Navy

And finally, shoes and jewelryyyyy weeeeeeeeeee my favorite things
From Modcloth 1 & 2 

Other links! :

This laptop case. If I didn't already have two cases for my laptop I would really want that one. 

This comic.  And American Elf in general. 

And finally, cat shaped madeleines. Cats and Madeleines! PERFECT.

Ah. Well. That's all I have for today. Hope it was ok.


  1. Hey, it was a blog post! Hooray for resolutions kept. And the cat madeleines...too cute for this world. Wonder how they did that?

    1. Yeah, I dunno. I searched around on the internet for pans that they could have used but couldn't find anything!