Friday, August 10, 2012

Wearing White?




I just realized I wore a white "skirt" (for reals it was a dress) at the beginning of this week. But I got this skirt in the mail last week and really wanted to wear it yesterday so.......good for me I did.
It is really strange to me that I could have worn two (predominantly) white bottoms twice in one week because for the longest time I have been opposed to anything white. But if nothing else, the one thing blogging has done for me is make me feel more comfortable wearing colors that aren't black, blue, green or purple.

Also it rained (and hailed) yesterday and made everything so much less oppressively hot and I am so happy about that. Hooray weather!


Shirt: ??? (old Target maybe)
Skirt: Asos Curve
Shoes: Target
Belt: Walmart
Necklace: Forever 21

Wow. I used the phrase "for the longest time" in this post and now I have this song in my head. You're welcome.


  1. Billy Joel!

    But really, I like the lacy/whatever you call that thing (what's it called) that's tying the necklace and the skirt and the shoes together.

    One question. Is the slip on the skirt the same color as the shirt? Cool!

    1. secret: i don't think they are really the same color (the skirt is a little more orange?). But with the belt and white over-skirt mediating, I was hoping they would give that illusion. I think it worked.