Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taylor Swift in Tokyo

Hello, this is sister #3, Emilia, who my sisters have kindly allowed to be a part of this amazing blog of fashion and life. I am currently living in Tokyo (for a whole month!) and as everyone should probably know, it is a pretty fashionable place. My fabulous husband, and Japan-know-it-all suggested I take a trip to Japan's Old Navy, better known as Uniqlo. It's all the basics, at reasonable prices, in hilariously much smaller sizes than in America. Actually.. the smalls aren't crazy small, it's just that the extra-larges aren't particularly extra-large.

Now, I'm seriously considering buying this... Americans may like Japanese imports like Hello Kitty, but Japanese people also really like some American stuff. Peanuts is one!

One of my favorite discoveries of Japan thus far is their love of demurely flowered stuff. Flowers!! It's sort of  a Sophia Coppola Marie-Antoinette ideal/color palette of French style. In small doses it makes me swoon.

 Unfortunately, puffy coats will never go out of style anywhere.

Scarves! You would fit me!


The Taylor Swift song that was playing was "Stay Stay Stay."

Eventually, I will make it to the Shibuya Forever 21. In the meantime please accept this stylish baby as a bonus! Stylish babies of Tokyo! Its own blog! Let's do it.

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