Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maybe I Take Things Too Seriously


Blah blah blah pretend like I'm wearing something pretty.




I gotta say, I'm not feeling so great about stuff. It's been almost a year since Tess and I started this little blog. I haven't kept up with it all the time, I guess. But the times I have kept up with it I've felt kind of silly about it. I've said it before, but I have no style, and I don't know why I put pictures of my messy-haired and weird-lookin' self on the internet. And I either need to get over myself or quit blogging. The latter sounds like a good idea...at the moment.

Blub blub blub.

Otherwise: I watched all of Community within the past week. And liked it.
My family went to Cincinnati over the weekend and visited my Grandma. And while there my sister, her husband, and I went to the Cincinnati Zoo. Maybe someday I will post some pictures I on the trip. Maybeeee.
I got a pretty dress for graduation tonight. Hooray.

Here's a stupid picture of me. You can see the flowers on my shoulders yay.


Everything: Old Navy (& probably old)
Shoes: Kohl's


  1. Um. Taking things too seriously comes naturally from your mother. Sorry about that.

    You should definitely keep blogging... I love your combinations and choices. And commentary.Love them. Love them.

  2. Oh and posting other pictures, LIKE THE ZOO, most definitely a good idea.

  3. Madeleine this blog has helped me realize how truly gorgeous you are. Even as your sister, I did not quite realize it before. So thank you for having this blog!
    You are a inspiration to me!

  4. You inspire me with your beauty! And love of color!