Sunday, July 29, 2012

Funny Post

I am not as fashion-y as Madeleine.

Yesterday I wore this outfit to the Farmer's Market

I know, I need some more light in my kitchen.  
So I went to get some coffee and the male barista was wearing this outfit:
Well not exactly but it was almost the same shirt with khaki colored shorts.  Hahahahaaaaaaa I dress like a man.  That's the whole joke.  He thought it was funny too.

Model pose:

I don't know why I do that with my leg.  I'm weird.  
Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Old Navy
Belt and shoes: thrifted


  1. Yay! A Tess post!

    I like your story and your outfit and the color of your walls. Good times

  2. I like the color of my walls too. The bathroom is coral and the bedroom is purple. The sunroom is yellow. I like the colors.