Friday, June 17, 2011

Number 4 - Changing it up whoa

Hahaha! I'm not wearing pants finally.
What I am wearing is a dress....but as a skirt. Yeah whoa I'm so inventive. I don't actually know why I didn't wear it as a dress for most of the day. But when I got tired of pulling the skirt up, and put the straps up and wore it kind of as a jumper, my boyfriend and sometimes photographer said I looked like Luigi. That's my good story for today.

Also these are not the best quality pictures - sorryz.

This was, mostly, a sitting around the house outfit so I am not wearing shoes in these pictures (also because I was too lazy to go get some) but when I wore shoes (to go buy flowers!) they were the silver flip-flops from my 30 -- if you care at all. Blah!

Everything from Old Naves
Oh except...dang you can't see it in these pictures but I have peacock printed hoops in my ears and they are from F21 but also a gift from Michelle