Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Standing in the Street?

Hello again, this is ~outfit number 2 of 30~
Oooh Ahhhh.

Not the most inspiring, again, but it's just the beginning of the 30! I don't have a reason to be excessively creative just yet. Anyway, the color of this shirt is great, and that's the highlight of this post.
Also, if you're wondering why I am standing in the street, it's because I was trying to take self-timed pictures that weren't lookin' that great when my photographer (hehe) came over, so I went to greet him with my camera in my hand accidentally. So yeah, ended up taking pictures there.

Pants and Shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Meijer
Necklace (This in silver) : Forever 21

To make this more interesting, here's some pictures of some lilies.

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