Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Wear

I'm so good at posing, don't you think?

YEAH OK. Y'all get another double post 'cause I'm not keeping up ohhhh well. Also I just realized I put this outfits up in opposite order of when I wore them...yeah too lazy to fix it. So first we have Sunday's outfit which is basically black and teal. Cool

Also, my feet are exceptional at posing next to a pile of leaves...yeah.

My face is not as exceptional.
Day 14 outfit:
Shirt and Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

The idea for Saturday's outfit came from another user of Go Chic or Go Home who did a much better version of this combination: button-down shirt, maxi dress (yes this is a dress) and belt. Ah well, I am also using this as an excuse to show y'all my new (leather!) bag or briefcase or whatever from Goodwill. I know I said I wasn't a bag person, but for $4, I feel like it was a pretty good idea. Maybe.

Ok um yeah. I'm taking this fashion blog thing too seriously. Sorry GUYZ.
Shirt and Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Walmart
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Bag: Goodwill hahahaaa yes.

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