Friday, February 24, 2012

Sequined Sweater and Snow Boots



(Sorry for mah face)

I honestly do have other scarves than this one. Really. Who knows why I haven't worn a different one yet. I did manage to tie it differently today. Thanks, the internet. Maybe I will know 25 different ways to tie a scarf someday.
Also it snowed enough last night for me to need to wear my snow boots. Now it is sunny and the combination of snow and sun makes me wish I hadn't broken my sunglasses.
Ah. Well. I think what I liked most about this outfit was the juxtaposition of the pink and the blue, but I don't know if that quite comes across in the photos.

I kind of wish it were spring. At least Spring Break is in 3 weeks.

I dunno what else to say! Thanks for letting me ramble.

Sweater, Shirt, Jeans: Old Navy
Scarf: Gift?
Boots: Cabela's
Earrings: Handed-down from my Grandma

Have a good weekend!
(from tumblr)


  1. I LOVE pink and blue together. Especially hot pink like this scarf. And I don't blame you for wearing it all the time, it's a gorgeous color on you.

  2. Two cheers for Grandma earrings! Hip Hip!

  3. Man, I set out Grandma earrings to wear today and I forgot to put them on. Ugh. But yes, cheers for her earrings. And the pink and blue, stunning.